Custom foam is our forté

Friendly Foam Shop

Comfort happens here

We cut a variety of foams to fit your personal spaces, whether that’s your bed or a window seat, or new cushions for the family room sofa, your favorite reading chair, or the patio furniture out back. We do foam for sitting and sleeping in boats and RVs, and for other outdoor pursuits. Tackling a craft or reupholstery project? Ditto for you do-it-yourselfers. And if you’re in need of physical therapy aids or body support items, we’ve got you covered, too.

The custom experience

Our foam finds its way into all sorts of applications, from sound-deadening to restaurant seating, from stage props to stoppers for lab flasks, from church kneelers to cradles for rare library books. We love finding solutions to our customers’ project challenges.

One-stop-shop services

We offer custom sewing, if you need covers for the new cushions in your motorhome, the kitchen nook you’re building, or that used rattan chair you got such a deal on. And you can save time by shopping our sample books of fabrics from a number of vendors, and we can order the fabric for you. Our patterning service is great for odd-shaped cushions indoors or out, and for boat owners needing to replace v-berth and settee cushions. We also custom-cut foam inserts for protective cases holding all kinds of machines and equipment.

Reach out

Do you have questions or ideas you want to talk about? Call, email, or come by to see what we can do for you.