About Us

Family owned and operated

Friendly Foam Shop® has been serving Western Washington customers since the early 1970s, when Dave Willging started the business. His family and friends grew it for the next few decades, including adding the Bellevue location.

The current owners, Dean and Chris, bought the business in 2010. He had framed art at the Kirsten Gallery across the street from the old Seattle store; she is a former newspaper and technical documentation editor. They expanded Friendly Foam Shop in 2012 with a new location in Everett (closed in 2021). When the Roosevelt Way NE bike lane depleted neighborhood parking at the Seattle location, they moved the store to Lake City, after more than 40 years in the University District.

Our promise to you

We’ll listen to you tell the story of what you’re looking for or trying to accomplish, then we’ll guide you through trying the best foams to meet your needs.



We source our foam from manufacturers and distributors who are committed to the health and safety of our customers and the environment.



Our greatest satisfaction comes from happy customers. We work hard on every project to make sure you’re pleased with your purchase and your Friendly Foam Shop experience.



We’re not nosy, we just ask a lot of questions to make sure we’re on the same page with you about your needs. The more information, the better.

We love “weird”

One of the things we think is so great about this business is that we get the most interesting projects coming in with our customers. A common intro is, “This is going to sound weird, but… ” Nothing’s weird to us – we love hearing about what you’re trying to do with foam and helping you do it. We do so much more than replacing the foam in furniture cushions.

We believe the high caliber of our customer service is what defines us and draws people to our Friendly Foam Shop stores. Our employees are welcoming, receptive, and ready to help find foam solutions. We especially enjoy hearing from customers who “find” us again and say, “We’re so glad you’re still here – we’ve been coming to Friendly Foam for years!”