Our Company

Friendly Foam Shop® – a family-owned business – has been serving Seattle-area customers since 1974. The Bellevue location came on board in the 1990s. The current owners, husband-and-wife team Dean and Chris, bought the business in 2010. They opened the Everett location in 2012.

Our foam manufacturers are all in the Pacific Northwest, so the product you buy is regionally sourced and has not traveled a long way. Because of the shorter trips, our foams do not require the chemicals and insecticides that can accompany products being shipped from other countries. In addition, our foams contain neither CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) nor PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers).

We carry higher quality foams, which can cost a bit more. Cheaper foams usually are less dense or have fillers, and are not as long lasting. And our manufacturers test their foam to ensure that it meets performance criteria.

Friendly Foam Shop’s sales associates are very knowledgeable about our foam. They’ll have some questions for you, so they can get a clear idea what your needs are, then they’ll recommend the best solution based on those needs. Come visit us – we’ve got loads of samples that you can try!