Delivering results for our business customers

We’ve provided foam in all shapes and sizes for our business customers.

Our stock items have fit the needs of dozens of businesses and organizations. Many others have had specific requirements that need to be met. And there are those that have their own ideas or designs that we’ve been able to produce for them.

In addition to our foam, we offer the following services: custom sewing, custom-cut case inserts, and simple die cutting.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time purchase or are interested in repeat orders, let us help you find a solution for your project needs.*
* We accept WA reseller permits for applicable sales. We reserve the right to refuse tax-exempt sales if there is reason to believe a reseller permit is being misused.

The folks we fabricate for

These are just some of the types of organizations, nonprofits, and fields we’ve worked with on foam projects:

Hospitals & clinics
Shelters & transitional housing
Retirement & assisted living communities
Day-care centers
Physical therapists
Dentists & endodontists
Massage therapists
Churches & temples
Art galleries
Cafes & restaurants
Interior designers
Yoga studios
Commercial fishing boats
Long-haul truckers
Charter fishing businesses
Research labs
School districts