Plan your purchase

Questions to consider


How will you use it?

This will determine the type of foam you need. For example, for sleeping, sofa cushions, guitar case, outdoor patio furniture, or physical therapy/exercise.


How firm do you want the foam to be?

Firmness can be a very personal preference. Stop by one of our shops, and try out a variety of foam types by sitting or lying on them. Note that brand-new foam likely will feel a bit firmer than what you tested in the shop, as it takes 4–8 weeks to relax.


How often will you use it?

We recommend denser foam for items used daily or for many hours at a time, such as a bed or favorite sofa. We recommend at least a 2-lb. foam for sitting and sleeping. A 2.5-lb or greater foam is better and will last longer. For infrequent use, a 1.5- or 1.8-lb foam is adequate.


How much do you need?

If you are replacing foam in cushions, bring in your covers and we can measure exactly the right fit. Or you can bring in an exact pattern – for example, for dining chairs, window/bench seats, or boat V-berths. To make a pattern, use heavy-duty paper (craft or butcher paper), or we can provide you with pattern fabric, if you’d like.

Tell us your story

Friendly Foam Shop’s sales associates are very knowledgeable about our foam. They’ll have some questions for you, so they can get a clear idea what your needs are, then they’ll recommend the best solution based on those needs. Come visit us – we’ve got loads of samples that you can try!