Health & Therapy

Comfort, stability, and support

Achieve the right effect for your health, comfort, and therapeutic needs, whether it’s elevating upper body or legs, stretching tight muscles, stabilizing body position, or providing alignment or support while sitting.


Bed wedges

Use these if you suffer from heartburn/gastric reflux, snoring, or sleep apnea. They also provide nice support for reading or working in bed. Standard base sizes are 24×24 and 24×30; height range is 6–14 inches.

Health Other Seat Wedges

Seat wedges

Use these in cars and office chairs, for easing back pain and aligning hips properly with knees. Standard base size is 14×14, and comes in 2-, 3-, and 4-inch heights.

Health Therapy Rollers


These are used regularly in physical therapy, and are great for stretching. Rollers come in full rounds of 6-inch and 4-inch diameter by 36 or 18 inches long. They also are available in half-rounds.

Health Therapy Bolsters


Use these four-sided pieces for leg support, as a back rest, and/or for stretching exercises. Custom order.

Health Other Body Support

Other body support items

Lumbar rolls come in rounds and half-rounds. Contoured lumbar cushions are shaped for the lower back. Leg separators fit between the knees of side sleepers to align hips. Cervical spine rolls and teardrops provide neck support.


Yoga & Pilates props

We have 4x6x9 blocks in different densities, and 2x12x24 shoulder stands.