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Restore comfort to your favorite spots for reading, watching TV, visiting, or just napping. We have quality foams for replacing all sorts of seat and back cushions.

Chairs & couches

For seat cushions, try a mid- or high-density foam. Choices for back cushions depend on whether you’re replacing foam, down, or polyfill.

Dining chairs

Our replacement foam for dining chairs measures 20 x 20 inches and comes in 1-, 1.5-, and 2-inch thicknesses. Custom sizing available.

Low-profile seating

For Asian-, Indian-, and Middle Eastern-style sofas, we can cut foam to fit existing covers. We also offer custom sewing, if you want new covers.

Boats & RVs

For seating and sleeping areas, we have options in polyurethane and latex foams in a range of firmnesses.

Bench & window seats

Foam type depends on use — if a window seat is used daily or rarely, or if it also serves as a reading nook or a guest bed. Custom sewing available.

Outdoor furniture

We recommend polyurethane foam or reticulated foam, which is water resistant. If existing cushions have zippered covers, we can cut to fit.

Beds & Pillows

Foam can gently mold to bodies, dispersing weight evenly and absorbing the stirrings of sleeping partners. Look for foam that gives you comfort, support, and durability.

Mattress foam

We recommend medium or medium-firm polyurethane foam at least 5” thick. Our latex core foam is 6” thick. Or try a layered option using both.

Mattress toppers

Toppers generally are 2” or 3” thick. Options include convoluted foam (“egg crate”), memory foam, and latex foam. Custom sizing also available.

Koala mattresses

An economical option made from composite foam encased in a tape-edged, poly/cotton cover. Standard bed and custom sizes available.

Latex pillows

We have contoured pillows in standard size, and regular latex pillows in queen size.

Pet beds

We recommend a polyurethane base with a softer topper. Bring in your existing cover, or we can custom-sew one for you.

Folding beds

Our trifolds provide a storable solution for guests. We have 4″ and 5″ trifolds in five different widths.


Transform those misshapen cushions in your boat, RV, or camper into comfy spots for sitting and sleeping, or pack up a couple of camp pads for heading to the beach, woods, or mountains with your tent.

RVs & boats

For seating and sleeping areas, we have options in polyurethane and latex foams in a range of firmnesses.

Boat v-berths

Consider latex for breathability and anti-mildew factors. Add a bottom layer of Hypervent for airflow below your foam. On-site pattern service available (limited service area).

Patio & deck furniture

We recommend polyurethane foam or reticulated foam, which is water resistant. If existing cushions have zippered covers, we can cut to fit.


Our folding beds are a terrific option for the tent, pickup bed, or back of the SUV on camping trips. They fit in lots of RV and trailer spaces, too. Trifolds are 4″ or 5″ thick, in five sizes.

Camp pads

Designed for use under sleeping bags. Available in 2- and 3-inch thicknesses. Easily rollable and storable. One size, 27×75. Optional covers available.

Seat pads

We have a selection of foams for replacing or adding comfort to seats on bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, kayaks, canoes, and personal watercraft. And for stadium cushions, too.

Health & Therapy

Achieve the right effect for your health, comfort, and therapeutic needs, whether it’s elevating upper body or legs, stretching tight muscles, stabilizing body position, or providing alignment or support while sitting.

Leg rests

Keep legs raised in a comfortable position. Standard options are 7” and 9” high. Custom sizing available.

Bed wedges

Help with heartburn/reflux, snoring, or sleep apnea. Standard base sizes are 24×24 and 24×30; height range is 6–14 inches.

Seat wedges

For use in cars, office and other chairs to ease back pain and align hips with knees. Standard base size is 14×14, and comes in 2-, 3-, and 4-inch heights.

Foam rollers

Great for stretching. Rollers come in full rounds of 6” and 4” diameter by 36 or 18 inches long. They also are available in half-rounds.

Body supports

Options include full- and half-round lumbar rolls, and contoured lumbar cushions. Cervical spine rolls and teardrop pillows provide neck support.

Yoga blocks & shoulder stands

Blocks are 4x6x9 inches. Shoulder stands are 2x12x24 and come in two firmnesses.

Crafts & DIY

Feed your creativity! With our range of foams, you’re sure to find what you need for your artful, imaginative, and innovative projects. These are some of the many uses customers have found for our foam:

Masks, sculptural costumes, makeup/prosthetics, and puppets.
Beanbag chairs, theater props & set design, furniture rehab, and crash pads.
Cosplay & LARP, crafts, felting, science projects, sports-fan props, and Burning Man art installations.

Padding & Packing

Protect the things you value. Whether you’re shipping a piece of art across the country or want a well-padded case for your electric guitar, we can help you find the right foam. CNC and die-cut services available.

Mailing & shipping glass art, framed art, sculptures, or sterling silverware.
Case foam for cameras & telescopes, weapons, musical instruments, or electronic equipment.

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